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Adventure in style

Where it feels better with a chilled beer poolside or a soft pillow at the end of each day. More details


Overland trips

Which allow you to explore the world whilst crossing as little water as possible. More details

Extraordinary travel

Breathe the passion and excitement that comes with uncovering the most extraordinary destinations our planet offers. As a dedicated travel expert I am committed to providing you the opportunity to experience this world in your own unique adventure style. My mission is to inspire and provide you with a holiday that meets and exceeds your expectations – a holiday of a lifetime.


Escorted or non escorted

Escorted or non escorted cycling and walking holidays including special pilgrimages. More details


Iconic train journeys

Such as the Trans Mongolian, Orient Express, Rocky Mountaineer just to mention a few. More details

Before you travel...

Visa: Assistance offered as I work with Visa specialists to ensure you have the correct Visa for your adventure.

Health: I strongly recommend that you visit a Registered Travel Doctor for the latest inoculations for the area being visited.

Safe Travel: Register with Safe Travel by visiting for up to-date information on the area you are planning to visit.

Off Beaten Track

Off the beaten track

Back road style touring designed to capture your interests at heart. More details

Air Cruising

Air cruising

Suitable for those short on time and who want absolute comfort whilst not missing a beat. More details

Travel tips

Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language - traveling with respect earns you respect. Remove all excess packaging - waste disposal is difficult in remote places and developing countries. Ask me if there are useful gifts that you could pack for your hosts, local people or schools.